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Safety Bulletin for all Pac-Man Smash owners

Pac-Man Smash is an extremely popular game in locations across the world with its unique multi-puck gameplay. With the large amount of times the game is being played, there is always a chance that an errant puck may leave the playfield. This occurrence can happen in every air hockey game. There is a further reduced chance that one of these errant pucks may strike a player or spectator. While the pucks are constructed of very lightweight plastic and the chance of actual injury are quite slim, we have created additional caution signs designed to alert a player or spectator to the possibility of this occurrence.

We would like to make sure that 100% of the current Pac-Man Smash™ locations receive
these game signs. Please click here to send us an email with the serial number of your Pac-Man Smash™ game along with your location's name and address. Please understand that in order to mitigate your risk, 100% compliance on your part is required.

In the future, all Pac-Man Smash™ games will ship with these additional signs.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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