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Namco Brings the Party To "Amusement Expo"

Namco Brings the Party To "Amusement Expo" and "Nightclub and Bar" Shows

Elk Grove Village, IL - While we all know times are tough, it was hard to find a face that was not smiling at the Namco booth during the recent Amusement Expo and Nightclub and Bar shows. Pac-Man's 30th birthday isn’t for a few months but that didn't stop Namco from getting the party started early. The giant Pac-Man balloon hovering over the booth let everyone know where to find the best new products on the floor.  Before the show even opened, the internet was buzzing over the YouTube teaser for Pac-Man Battle Royale, the first all new coin-op Pac-Man game to come along in decades. When the 4 live Pac-Men started running around the show giving away Mardi Gras beads and ramping up the party spirit, one show attendee commented, "It’s about time someone started putting the fun back into our business"!

"Pac-Man Battle Royale" is a four player game where "Pac-Men" battle it out by trying to devour each other with the last one standing winning each round. The simple, addicting, winner-take-all game play had show goers coming back to the booth all 3 days. The cabinet, specifically designed with the USA bar locations in mind, allows players to party while they play. Talking, laughing, and eating each other! The party atmosphere around Pac-Man Battle Royale was contagious as it spread all throughout Namco's booth. Show attendees were spotted wearing their Pac-Man Mardi Gras beads not only on the show floor but all over the Las Vegas strip after the shows closed at night.

Pac-Men pose with modelsPac-Man Mardi Gras beads spotted all over Las Vegas

The 4 live "Pac-Men" (left photo) helped spread the party spirit by passing out Mardi Gras beads. Pac-Man beads were spotted all over the Las Vegas strip (right photo).

Pac-Man Battle Royale wasn't the only new debut at the expo getting attendee attention. Competitors laughed and cheered as their cars raced around the winding track of "Go Go Grand Prix", Gamewax's digital toy hybrid racer. This update on the classic slot car racer was extremely popular with visitors due to its simple controls and highly competitive racing experience. Unlike traditional slot car racing, the cars don't come off the tracks when a driver approaches a turn too quickly. Instead, the car pauses momentarily and a quick buzz is felt in the hand controller from the "G-Force" motor. This brilliant concept will make the game much more enjoyable for novice players and experts alike. Up to 4 players can play at once and the players are tracked on video as their cars speed around the track. This is a high speed slot car experience with more excitement than a player can ever get from a small home slot car, true "out of home entertainment". 

Go Go Grand Prix from Gamewax

Go Go Grand Prix from Gamewax brought back memories and added new fans to slot car racing.

Clearly the top gun game for all audiences on display was "Deadstorm Pirates". With its innovative Gun and Steering Wheel combination, it is almost in a category all by itself. Visitors lined up to get a chance to play this pirate-themed shooter. This is the first time the final software was shown where players have 4 selectable stages with a bonus 5th stage when all the other stages are completed. The tough part was finding an open seat for new players as attendees refused to leave their seat until they experienced the whole game. The "closed booth" cabinet completely immerses the player, drawing them into the story. Once they start to play they are hooked!  Important to note is the large number of female players that were totally entranced in the game. An FEC operator from the Chicago suburbs commented that it was the first video game ever that his wife told him he needed to buy. Needless to say, he’s buying one…

Deadstorm Pirates

Namco had two cabinets with the final software on hand for attendees to play.

Excitement was never absent around "Tank! Tank! Tank!" Namco showed off the production version of this hugely popular game with a few software updates. In addition to the highly addictive Free-For-All and Team Versus play modes, software changes have been made to the Cooperative Play mode. These include additional monsters such as BeeBots and a Giant Octopus that will alternate monthly with the Arachnos and the Red Dragon. So now, every other month your customers will see alternating villains. New avatars were made available to players when their photo is taken at the beginning of the game. In addition to the original military helmet, wrestling mask, and space helmet accessories, Namco included a cowboy hat, a prisoner behind bars, and a Samurai helmet to name a few.

A game that almost went unnoticed at the show was the "Razing Storm” in a 42 in standard cabinet. The game looks so much like the original deluxe game that many attendees didn't realize that it was now in a slightly smaller monitor cabinet at huge cost savings. Razing Storm has already proven itself as a winner and the opportunity for smaller locations to be able to buy these at a better price point should not be missed. From the team that brought you the Time Crisis gun game series, "Razing Storm Standard"

For more information about these and other Namco products, contact Namco America


About Namco America Inc (NAI).

NAI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holding Corp. NAI is committed to providing the ultimate in interactive entertainment experiences. NAI uses cutting-edge technology and advanced electronics to take their coin-operated games far beyond traditional entertainment.  Namco Bandai Holding Corp., which also has business related interests in films, toys, health equipment, consumer video software, and restaurants, is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and owns a number of other subsidiary entertainment companies around the globe.

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