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NAMCO America Introduces iPad / iPhone promo apps for Pac-Ma

Namco America is excited to announce their first iPad / iPhone app specifically designed to drive players to a game location. In conjunction with the release of Pac-Man Battle Royale, the free iPad demo will be available from the iTunes store on January 28th. Players who download the app will be introduced to the new hit video with a 1 round teaser game. After the round they are directed to the Pac-Man Battle Royale Facebook fan page where they can find the "Real Deal" in a game location near them. Going live in mid February, the iPhone app will have the game demo and a location finder that will use the iPhone to direct them to mapping that will lead them to a nearby location. Operators can register their locations or players themselves can "drop a pin on the map" and register new locations that they find. More...

Pac-Man Battle Royale: The Wait Is Over

January 21, 2011 - Elk Grove Village, IL - The highly anticipated coin-op game, Pac-Man Battle Royale, is now shipping. The internet was abuzz when news leaked of a trademark filing for "Pac-Man Battle Royale" back in December 2009. Speculations and discussions were rampant as to what type of game this could be. A teaser video announcing the arrival of Pac-Man Battle Royale was released on Namco America's YouTube channel in February 2010 and received over 12,000 views in 24 hours. Namco America kicked off the celebration of Pac-Man's 30th birthday at Amusement Expo 2010 in Las Vegas with the public debut of Pac-Man Battle Royale. Show attendees eagerly lined up to be one of the first to play the game with a "Hands-On" video on YouTube reaching over 41,000 views. Over 45,000 attendees in the console and mobile gaming world were introduced to Pac-Man Battle Royale at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles. Of all the console and mobile games on hand at E3, an arcade game stole the show. Some gaming blogs went as far as to say that playing Pac-Man Battle Royale was "their favorite experience" of E3 2010. More...

Katie C. wants to race

Katie C. is looking for a race!

The first arcade driver with social networking is "making friends" all over the country.

Did you miss the first production run of DEAD HEAT?

DON'T DELAY!!! Pre-orders for the new run are coming in and we're selling out fast.

A look at Namco's booth at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010

Namco America understands that the IAAPA Attractions Expo can be a very overwhelming experience. With so many games on display, attendees can quickly become confused as to which manufacturer made which game. Brochures can only do so much to explain the features and benefits of a game. To help lessen the confusion, we have created a brief video describing all of the games on display in our booth at the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010. This video will be great for attendees that needed a quick refresh in memory of our games as well as people that couldn't make it out to the show. More...

Namco + Dead Heat = IAAPA Show Success!

Namco America, Inc. is happy to report a very successful IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010 show. Record breaking orders were taken during the show for their newest arcade driver, Dead Heat. Boasting itself as the first and only arcade driver with social networking, all eight seats of Dead Heat were hopping during the four-day trade show. As players left the game with smiles, Namco America staff were also smiling as collection reports were pouring in and showing that Dead Heat is the #1 driver in locations coast to coast. To celebrate Dead Heat's success at IAAPA, Namco staff participated in the 2010 IAAPA Charity 5K Fun Run & 1K Walk supporting Give Kids The World. More...

Dead Heat - Driving Innovation!


First Driving game that creates its own Social Network in your location!

October 19, 2010 - Elk Grove Village, IL Namco America, Inc. is excited to announce that their newest arcade driver, Dead Heat, is shipping out now. Dead Heat isn't the typical arcade driver. In fact, there is nothing typical about it. Dead Heat is an intense driving game that focuses on head-to-head competition. Every race is exciting and the thrill of tight races will have players scrambling for a re-match. Photos are taken of each player before the race and appear above their car during the race. This feature helps players identify their opponents quicker and heightens the competition. Players will know exactly who they are battling for first place with.

Namco Brings the Party To "Amusement Expo"

While we all know times are tough, it was hard to find a face that was not smiling at the Namco booth during the recent Amusement Expo and Nightclub and Bar shows. Pac-Man's 30th birthday isn't for a few months but that didn't stop Namco from getting the party started early. The giant Pac-Man balloon hovering over the booth let everyone know where to find the best new products on the floor. Before the show even opened, the internet was buzzing over the YouTube teaser for Pac-Man Battle Royale, the first all new coin-op Pac-Man game to come along in decades. When the 4 live Pac-Men started running around the show giving away Mardi Gras beads and ramping up the party spirit, one show attendee commented, "It's about time someone started putting the fun back into our business"! More...

Go Go Grand Prix Takes The Checkered Flag At The 2010 EAG

Namco America Inc. and Namco Europe Ltd debuted Gamewax's new "Digital Toy Hybrid Racer", Go Go Grand Prix, at the European Amusement and Gaming Expo in London last week to fantastic responses and a very strong performance. Show attendees gathered around to watch and cheer on players young and old as they compete against one another in this simple 4-player slot car racer. Competition was high and everyone left with a large smile on their faces. More...

Barbercut Lite Continues To Slice Up The Competition

Namco America and Namco Europe Limited have ramped up the manufacturing lines to try and keep up with the overwhelming demand for Barbercut Lite. Barbercut Lite is still the hot topic of conversation when it comes to merchandise games from this year’s IAAPA trade show. More...

Wonka Sweetland pulling in "Sweet" numbers

The numbers are in and Wonka Sweetland has hit everyone's "sweet tooth." More...


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