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Jukebox Bowl O Rama

A brand new take on the classic Bowl O Rama arcade game!

Dance! Wireless Party Speaker

Play! Classic Arcade Bowling Game

Sing! Wireless Microphone

Wireless Party Speaker Connects to Any Smart Phone 5-1/4 Stereo Speakers 12” Subwoofer

Classic Arcade Bowling Game

Five Games to Play:

Regulation Ten pin Bowling

Ten Pin Poker


Trick Shot

Bowl 21

Slow-Motion Instant Replays

One to Four Players

Includes wireless microphone to sing along to your favorite songs!

Install Dimensions: 78"W x 44"D x 20"H

Shipping Dimensions: 94"W x 54"D x 21"H 452 lbs.


Jukebox Bowl-O-Rama Manual Download